How to play our competitions.

Entering our competitions is quick and easy! Check the frequently asked questions underneath. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to contact us,


Choose your competition and select the number of tickets you want.


Demonstrate your skills to us by answering the question or solving the puzzle.


Sit back and wait for the draw.


Answering the most common questions about our service, if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact us.

Asset Competitions are a newly formed venture from its parent company Powers Property Services Group. We are a body of property investors, developers and managers.

The aim of Asset Competitions for the group was to afford one fortunate customer that chance of owning a luxury property in Ireland’s hotspots. Due to the type of business model, the group have also extended its reach to cars, holidays, technology and more.

We are a digital-based e-commerce company and would always encourage our customers to contact us via email or using the contact page on the website. You can email us directly at and we will get back to you as quick as possible.

Choose the preferred competition you would like to enter. Select the number of tickets you want and depending on the type of competition you may be asked to solve a multiple choice question or solve a puzzle. You will automatically receive your number of tickets with a randomly generated string (a unique ticket identifier number).

Once the tickets have been sold the computer will randomly mix and select one of the tickets. Once this is done the winner will be notified about their win via email. We employ three different methods of running the draw which can be using our own internal random string selector, a third party random string selector or for larger competitions, we use a mixing globe that holds the tickets and we select this live on social media.

This information is competition specific and will be noted in the technical information section of each competition.

Price is competition dependent but there is always a minimum price of €1 per entry.

It is a legal requirement for skills competitions that the customer demonstrates a certain level of skill or knowledge to as this is not a raffle or lottery. We like to use fun and easy methods of doing just that.

We have a minimum number of sales required for each competition to be viable. Once we meet the minimum number of required sales we set a countdown timer based on the competition type. Once the timer begins the ticket holder will be notified of the time when the draw will take place. They will also be notified on the day of the draw. Our aim is to restrict any competition to 3 months.

Yes. Please get in contact with a member of the team and we can arrange a voucher for you.

You will be emailed a confirmation of your order and competition entries immediately after entering. If you’re a first-time player, you’ll also receive an email confirming your account log-in details. Information about all of the competitions you have entered, their status and the results are available on the My Account page.

Yes but not in all cases. This information will be specified in the technical information associated with your chose competition.

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