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We provide a unique opportunity for both business owners and customers alike. We like to form partnerships with those who sell high-value assets such as houses, cars, bikes and even holidays right down the spectrum to highly sought after technology such as laptops, smartphones, drones and much more.

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Prize draw competitions are a commonly practiced form of selling high-value assets to one lucky winner by means of a draw, based on skill, for a fraction of the value of the asset.

In Ireland today the majority of the population are middle-class earners and earn between €23000 to €60000 per year. This means that many of us will never be able to afford the luxury of living in a house in the city, driving a brand new and reliable car, taking an annual holiday without incurring a large amount of debt. As inflation is constantly on the rise our hard-earned euros have to be stretched further and further. It is our mission to afford you, one of our customers with the unique opportunity to attain that house, that car or that holiday for a minuscule investment cost in comparison.

We will only collaborate with reputable business owners that are a good fit for our business and understand the ethos behind what we do.

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